Thursday, September 8, 2011

SSS '11 continues

I'm feeling as though I'm fairing better this time 'round.  I've managed to get through 8 days so far with no repeats and I haven't struggled to find something handmade to wear yet although, I'm nearing the end of my self stitched clothing now.   I do have things lined up for stitching but not sure how that will go as this month is very busy for me. (3 birthdays, fathers day, several appointments, 4 day weekend away, you know how tis. No time for sewing!) The photos continue to be a bit of a chore for David but he's still taking them for me, so I guess that's good.
Now, to re-cap my days outfits.

Day 5

What I wore:
Top: Handmade blogged here  worn cleaning up after a busy weekend
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Nike

I like this top but the fabric was not a good choice.  It doesn't have as much stretch as other knits and it marks easily which requires some hand laundering.  Something I'm not into!  I'm about to sew another one in a better fabric.

Day 6

What I wore:
Sweater: Kmart, purchased several years ago
Top: Suzanne Grae
Skirt: Handmade blogged here  worn at home doing housework and cooking
Bangles: Lovisa
Tights: Bonds
Slippers: Cotton On

Having a day where I didn't care how I looked since I was at home all day.  We've been getting some really nice Spring weather but it turned really cold again today.  This skirt is warm enough for the cold days but I think I should have lined it as it tends to cling to my tights. I've lost a little weight since making it so doesn't fit as well as I would like.  I'm considering whether to alter it and maybe adding a lining.

Day 7

What I wore:
Jacket: Katies, purchased early Winter this year
Top: Suzanne Grae
Skirt: Handmade blogged here worn at work
Belt: Sussan
Jewellery: Lovisa, Diva
Tights: Bonds
Boots: Williams the Shoeman

Joining in the fun having my photo taken at work sitting at my desk as suggested by Claudine.  I think my colleague thought I was mad asking her to take the pic of me but she obliged anyway.  I love this pencil skirt but find getting in and out of the car awkward especially if I'm the driver.

Day 8
What I wore:
Cardigan: Target, purchased last year
Top: Handmade, Kwik Sew 3617 worn to work
Pants: Noni B
Shoes: Williams the Shoeman

I 'm really liking this top.  I've worn it several times since making it and think I will make a short sleeve version for Summer.  I definitely need a navy cardy to wear over this instead of the black one.  (Actually, I could use several garments in navy)  I'm really not liking the black with it but that may be because I've got light coloured pants on (too much colour happening I think).  The pants however, really don't fit so well.  Think I'll have to work on making some that fit.

So, that's the last few days for me.  How 'bout you, how are you fairing?


  1. You're doing well!
    Have you thought of taking your own photos if your husband is getting tired of it? I sympathise as my family very rapidly got jack of it, so worked out how to use the self-timer and have been taking my own photos ever since. Then my sweet husband bought me a tripod and a remote for Christmas, and blogging life just got so much easier!

  2. Bravo! You are getting a varied SSS'11, my husband is tired of taking photos and sometimes I have to use the timer, but this is long lost. I sometimes I despair ....


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