Monday, August 29, 2011

Basics - we all need them!

Do you ever stop to consider what garments your wardrobe consists of?  Lately I've been thinking about the things I have in my wardrobe.  What works and what doesn't.  Why did I buy it.  Thinking about this I've come to the conclusion that I have not thought things through before purchasing.  (sewing clothes has not been a part of my life over the last several years)   In the past I have been buying things on a whim because I liked them, not because I actually needed them.  Or on sale, there's nothing like a sale to get you in, after all it is half price.

For many years I have lived in jeans when I'm not at work or trousers when I am.  I didn't own any (no, not a single one) skirts or dresses.  If it didn't have legs I didn't own it.  The majority of my tops consist of things that are more oriented towards work or going out.  Also, most of my wardrobe is in black, white or some other neutral except for cardigans.  I'm the queen of cardigans, I have them in many colours and styles. 

I have an abundance of clothing but most of these items are all what I would call the frosting.  Fancy things, you know the ones, the one off items that only work with one other item or sometimes not with anything else at all.  These are the ones that end up in the back of the closet and never get worn.  I have a lot of these!  Don't You?  Now this is not conducive to a functional wardrobe.  It's also very costly.

Having thought about this for a while  it has become quite clear to me that my wardrobe is sadly lacking in the necessary basics to make it really functional.  I need basics!!!  Yes, that's it, plain t-shirts, simple skirts,  etc. The ones that are boring but we all need to make our wardrobes work. 

After trawling through my patterns I found a simple t-shirt pattern I had never made. fabric from my stash and I started to sew.   The result  a teal t-shirt.  The pattern Kwik Sew 3338.  The fabric is an unknown shiny knit.  (It's been in my stash for a few years)  Not as stretchy as I would like but it is comfortable to wear.
A much needed basic to fill a very obvious gap.  

Have you got basics in your wardrobe?  Are you like me with too many clothes that have limited potential?  Why do we gravitate towards these things?  Is it because we have a need for them or is it just because we think they're pretty.  For me, I like pretty.  I might be drawn to a certain colour or a style that appeals to me never stopping to think if it will be an asset to my wardrobe.  Is this how you fill your closet?  I'd like to think that I'm not the only one...


  1. Teal is apparently the latest in colour and it does match with so much. You can`t go wrong with Kwik Sew for sewing up some basics. good luck with SSS too.

  2. I have this pattern too and also have not used it. I must pull it out as I need basics too.


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