Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A season of colour!!!

I love colour!!  It makes me happy!  I feel alive when I wear colour!

There comes a time when we all have to make choices.  For me, that time has come.  I've decided that this will be the 'Season of Colour' for me.  Everything I make for the Spring will be colour.  No black, no grey, just colour! 

A while ago, if you remember, I told you I was getting extremely bored wearing black, grey or some other neutral.  In the colder months I think they're sad colours, don't you agree?  Now don't get me wrong here, I think there is a place for these colours in every wardrobe, after all they can look very classy, and I will continue to wear them but my closet was looking as though I didn't own anything else.  Just have a look at all the inspirational colours on the runways.  It's the ideal time to make this choice.

Since telling you this, and the impending arrival of Spring there has been an increasing amount of fabrics to choose from, so I have been purchasing fabric in just about every colour I can find that doesn't involve those, boring to me neutrals to add to my ever expanding stash.  The question is, should I be buying plain solid colours or prints?  Are you drawn to prints?  I certainly am.  I love them.  They appeal to my sense of fun!  Sadly, having all prints makes for a lot of clothes that really don't work together so well.  Thus forcing me to add plain colours to my stash.

Now that I've decided to add colour to my closet I've chosen red (a colour I wouldn't normally choose as it's so hard to find one I can wear)  for another basic top.  I've made this top several times and finally think I have perfected the fit.  I think I can now class it as a TNT pattern.  You can read my review here.

The pattern (which seems to be fast becoming my go to) - Simplicity 4076 with a few alterations.  I don't like the bell shaped sleeve suggested in the pattern so I used a more fitted one and made it 3/4 length.  Much more suited to Spring wearing than long sleeves.  I added about 5cm or 2" for those of you who are not into the metric thing yet, to the length.  I'm not tall by any stretch of the imagination but I really detest tops that ride up around my waist with the slightest movement which happens anyway because my hips are so much bigger than my waist.  But hey... it works for me.  What do you think...


  1. I totally agree with you, need color in my life! It is best to gradually incorporated, clothing color, so if you pick a red shirt, this ... other clothing that can combine with it. Thus, over time, all items will be combined and you will not end with many items "loose" you can not use because it does not sit well with others ... to me, it works well.
    I am delighted to have come to your blog, love all your work. So .. looking forward to new posts.

  2. Absolutely, yay for colour! I agree about using prints only very sparingly. This is difficult, because they always look so yummy and irresistible when you are browsing in the fabric store! But really solids are always so much more versatile...


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