Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MMJ - Day 8

This is a black pencil skirt started for the MMJ challenge which I finished yesterday.  Black is so hard for this old girl to sew these days it took longer than anticipated.  I needed to replace my RTW one.  It's been worn so much it's faded and is looking a bit worse for wear.  I used Butterick 3438 a TNT pattern first made  many years ago and always fall back on when I need a pencil skirt. It fits well and I find quite comfortable to wear.

You will notice that my boy 'Kushka' decided to be part of this photoshoot.  He's usually not that interested.

Have a nice day!


  1. Looking really good! I really like how you've styled your cardigan with a skinny belt over the top. And your pussy cat is totally adorable!

  2. lucky you, you have a new skirt..sob...I love how your cat planted himself infront of you. The skirt looks like a good fit. I've realised I don't have basic stuff, like a good work skirt or trousers.

  3. My most worn made by me outfit is a black ponte pencil skirt. It probably needs a replacement but I love the look and the forgiving fit of ponte. Great outfit with touches of colour.

  4. I once made a black wool gabardine skirt that I wore for 15 years!Love the cardi.


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