Monday, June 6, 2011

MMJ '11 - What I've Been Wearing

Well I must say that time has escaped me over the last few days and it seems that the whole month of June is going to be very busy for me.  So I thought I had better catch up.  On day 2 of MMJ'11 I forgot to do the photo shoot.   Home from work to cook and eat dinner then out to my craft group held twice monthly.  I had to go to the archives to dig up this one.  I wore my tunic dress made from  Butterick 5427.

Oops...... no photo for day 3.

Day 4 - was my sewing guild monthly get together.  We have a fun day sewing, helping and learning from each other but I think much more gossiping gets done than any amount of sewing. 

These ladies were actually sewing at the time I took this photo.  I did manage to get 1 knit top and 1 shirt cut out and also finish a dress.  I would have been more productive at home but still it's fun chatting with others who share an interest/hobby with you.  You learn so much!

What I wore.  A top made from Simplicity 4076. The is a TNT pattern to which I have made sleeve alterations.  I have a strange look on my face in this photo.  The sun was so bright my eyes were watering and I couldn't keep them open.  Usually I never walk outside without my sunnies. 

Day 5 - Much better photo - wearing my sunnies; I can actually see today.  This is a scarf I made, copied from one I bought last Christmas while on holiday.  It's such a busy time of year I had forgotten to pack one and I absolutely love the one I bought.

Today, Day 6 is much colder than the last couple of days.  We still have sunshine but it's very 'fresh'.  The air has a real bite to it so I rugged up in my knitted scarf.  I love the colour of this scarf but I must say that it's very heavy and felt like it was choking me.  Note to self - undo and re-knit with less stitches to make it thinner and lighter.

Oh no...!  I have discovered a gap in my wardrobe.  I am lacking in casual/weekend garments suitable for the winter season.  I'm not sure how I will go tomorrow as it's going to be very cold here and getting colder through the week and I'm certainly in need of winter clothing.  I better get on with the sewing.

I have enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing what everyone is wearing.  I hope I can keep up.


  1. Love the tunic dress. Perfect for the cold weather we've been having down under.

  2. I always think its better to sew when there are like minded people around you. you motivate each other, and there is always someone to advise you on comething that you could be having difficulties with. I spent a weekend at my friend's place once, and by the end of it, we had both made loads of cussions, table cloths and table runners to revamp our houses.

    I love that tunic dress. It looks very comfy and warm.

    The pattern I used for that top you asked about is New Look 6483. Its a really nice and easy top to make.


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