Monday, April 29, 2013

Do I or don't I

You may have noticed the recent slump in my blog posts.  I thought I was getting back on track with my sewing and blogging. By joining in with the Stashbusting and the Sewlutions challenges and blogging about it I had hoped to stay motivated.  But as luck would have it, I did the most reckless stupid thing and tore a muscle in my leg back at the end of February which left me out of action for over a month.  (Wow! As I get older I find it's so much harder to recover from injuries, especially silly ones like this)  Turns out sitting on the sofa for a couple of weeks with my leg elevated not being able to do anything was just plain boring and there goes all my good sewing intentions, but I did have plenty of time to think whiling away the hours, and came to wonder whether I really wanted to continue blogging.  I mean, after all I've been awfully inconsistent lately to say the very least - not just with my blogging but my sewing as well.  It's hard to write a blog post when you've made nothing to blog about.

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Sooooo...I'm thinking, do I or don't I?  I began to carefully consider all the reasons I do blog and all those reasons that keep me from being consistent and came to a very gratifying conclusion.

As selfish as this sounds - I do it for myself!

I love to sew! It gives me so much joy when I sew but I find it hard to allocate time for sewing when there are other things to be done (like housework and such) without letting it take over my life and become my sole purpose, leading me to neglect my home duties.  I like that there's a record of what I've made even if that doesn't amount to very much; after all that's why I started this blog - to keep record.  I love that I can see where my journey has taken me, how I've grown as a sewist and how my likes and dislikes have changed over time.  I like that I might be encouraging others to start sewing and making things for themselves.  But you know what the absolute best thing about blogging is - it's the camaraderie of the blogging community.  The feeling of belonging and encouragement of like-minded people; people I've never met but somehow feel I've known forever.

In a nutshell; that's the reason I blog.  That's the reason I will continue to blog even if it is spasmodic.  (Note to self...must try to organize a routine/time line for blogging, i.e. set days to post, it might help.  Making something might help too!)

Why do you blog?  Do you ever feel that it's too hard and not worth the effort?


  1. I'm glad your leg is healing, and that you decided to continue with blogging! I do for all the same reasons you listed.3597 leasulyi

  2. sorry, that last bit was the word verification. (and boy, are they painful) Don't know how it ended up there!

  3. I think this is a lovely blog post - and do so agree with you. Sometimes my blogging can be sporadic too, but the community is so encouraging, I wouldn´t want to give up on that. Hurrah for you keeping on sewing and bloggin! :-)

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments. It makes me feel it really is worthwhile blogging.

  5. I know exactly how you feel ! Working 4-5 days , doing housework, caring for children and animals and a husband and there is not much time left for blogging. I am not putting any pressure on myself and if I get time and think there could be something vaguely interesting or useful I will blog. So Shelley , blog when you can and we will be there to share with you ! PS hope your leg gets better soon - very frustrating not to be able to do much when your mind is probably racing with all the things you want to get done.

    1. It's definitely frustrating but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things again.

  6. Oh dear, I would say blog only when YOU want to, and feel like it. I also have periods when I really could not be asked to blog. I still read blogs, and sew, but I just don't feel like writing about them. It is true that sometimes, you feel you have to write something just because you have readers. Then again you have to be selfish. Will your readers rather read a well written post when you have something to say? or a half attempt just because you want to conform? So long as your intention is not to make money from your blog, I would say do whatever you want. It is your blog after all.


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