Sunday, April 28, 2013

On a lazy Saturday afternoon

... how do you fill in your time?  Knit of course. 

Our racing carnival is about to kick off next week and I will be attending the Ladies Luncheon with my daughter again.  Now I know I should've made an outfit to wear but that just wasn't going to happen this time around.   I've decided to wear a black dress I already have in my wardrobe and I bought a lovely fascinator but the weather isn't looking to great this year and I think I may need a little scarf to wear travelling to and from the racecourse.

I pulled out some pretty red wool I had in my stash; went and bought some ginormous knitting needles (I don't think I would call these knitting needles, they're huge) and knitted up a scarf.  It certainly wasn't the easiest to knit with these needles, give me regular sizes any day, their size made them difficult to handle.   It took a total of one ball of wool and one lazy afternoon.  Can I really call this stashbusting?  I still have three balls left.

I interrupted my current knitting project for this quick knit and I think it will be one I wear often.  Very often!

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