Monday, January 21, 2013

Stashbusting sewasaurus rex

How awesome is this button!   I knew the minute I saw it I just had to have it.    In order for it to be added to my blog I was required to make a commitment.  A commitment which shouldn't be too hard to stick to, but then part of it would be extremely difficult for me to do.  As I've said previously I have trouble sticking to plans so I've only committed to the first part to see if I can take something on and stay with it till it's finished.  After all 12 months is a long time.

Oh!...  You want to know what it is?  Really?

Well then, let me tell you.  Emsewcrazy from Tumbleweeds In The Wind has started a Stashbusting Sewalong challenge along with Cindy from Cation Designs.  (The artwork is by Jen Sy.)

The idea is to use only fabric from your stash thus reducing it's magnitude.  Just for fun there are themes to follow each month which I'm not so good at sticking to things like that but I'll try.  You don't have to follow them just as long as you use your stash.  There's also a flickr group you can join to show off your progress and a Pinterest board for inspiration.

So, now my pledge...

"I, Shelly of Shelly's DIY Style commit to using one piece of fabric from my stash per month for the next 12 months."

The second part  is to also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns/notions except for _______ until ______.  Now, I know I could never commit to that part, so instead of shaming myself when the inevitable happens and I fall from the bandwagon next week (or the week after) I felt it better not to take on that part of the challenge.

So... Are you interested?  Do you feel like reducing your stash?  Are you up for a challenge?  Then head on over to see emsewcrazy or Cindy and join in the fun.

Heading off to see what I can find for January's theme...

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  1. lol, I join you in that it is very difficult to go long without buy fabric, my stash threatens to take me out of the house for lack of space ... I think you made ​​the pledge in the right measure!


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