Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the pink

The Stashbusting challenge to use itty bits from my stash proved to be quite difficult.  When I moved twelve months ago I cleaned out all my sewing paraphernalia and as we all know my sewing productivity during 2012 was less than impressive, resulting in NO SCRAPS.   I searched through my stash with gusto trying to find something less that 1 yard in size but to no avail.  I didn't have any scraps that little except for one small piece left over from a knit top I made about 18 months ago. (not blogged)

Thinking cap on...  What could I make with this small piece of knit fabric?  Ahh!  That's it!  I can make some undies.  I've made heaps of them years ago and several people in the blogosphere have been posting about their undie makes recently so yes, that's what I will do.  It's a really quick make and I don't have much time till the end of January.  I search through my patterns. Where's my pattern?   I can't find it anywhere.  Where can it be?  I've made so many in the past, it's got to be somewhere.  Ahh!  There's the kids one; mine has to be there with it.  Alas, no!  This got me thinking again (oooh, my head is starting to hurt now!  hehe.) Thinking back I remember making undies for my kids but it would seem I've never made any for myself.

I headed down to Spotlight and returned with Kwik Sew 2908.  I was running out of time now, so I quickly prepare the pattern cut and sew.  Phew!  I just made it.

So, in all, a very small make but at least I did use something from my stash and it was an itty bit of fabric.  January stashbusting complete!


  1. Way to go. I need to make a couple myself. The thing is I don't think I am very good with stretching elastic. I guess I have to practice more. I prefer stretch lace, that way I dont have to fiddle with elastic. but that is just the voice of laziness talking I suppose.

  2. This is a great way to use jersey scraps, much harder to think of clever ways to use it than with woven fabric.

  3. Well done!! so cute, and yes,undies are a fab way to use up small scraps of jersey. This will be a brilliant pattern you will use time and time again... I've lost count of the times I've used my bikini pattern :)


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