Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seasonal planning...

I've noticed recently that quite a few people have been planning their seasonal sewing.  This is something I have tried to do in the past, though mostly unsuccessfully.  Mainly, this was due to the fact that I couldn't decide on a colour palette for the season I was sewing for.  What colours did I want or need to add to my wardrobe?  Soon I was only wearing neutrals.  Eventually this became boring; I needed to add colour but where to start.

Have you ever had your colours done?  I have.  It was long, looong ago, but we wont go there.  Anyhoo, I was told my colouring was 'Winter'.  Now, I was never truly happy with the selection of colours designated to be for a person with winter colouring.  Some of the colours were way, way to bright strong,  the colour wore me not the other way around as it should be, know what I'm talkin' 'bout?  Then one day I was at a craft show and the same company was attending; I told them of my dilemma and it was decided that I fell into their new colour palette of 'Cool Summer'.

My Colour Wheel

The 'Cool Summer' palette, which has cool/blue undertones, falls in between the Winter and Summer palettes, meaning I was basically a Summer who can wear some of the richer Winter colours but not all of them.  In my case this was quite a lot but not enough to be a 'Winter'.  This was a much better option as the colours were truly a better match for me.

Blues & Greens

Here's a better look at the colours suited to me.  If you know anything about these colour palettes you will know that they are just a guide.  For those who don't - any colour that blends with these is suitable as long as it has the same undertone and clarity.  You don't have to have an exact match.  In effect, you have a very large range of colours that will compliment and look good on you.

Moving right along and getting to the point, my colour swatch has been an invaluable tool when selecting suitable fabrics, but...

I feel the only colours aside from the neutrals that are suitable for me are shades of blue and pink.  As you know, complimentary colours are on opposite sides of a colour wheel e.g. opposite blue is orange, purple - yellow, etc.  Where are these colours in my palette?  I have no oranges and only a pale yellow.  No peaches or tans.  How can I add them to my wardrobe or at least achieve the same effect without making me look sallow? 

This brings me back to where I started - planning my seasonal sewing.  I have a mish mash of colours and garments in my wardrobe, most of them prints, leading to wardrobe orphans.  My plan for Spring 2012 is to have no other plan than to concentrate on adding a majority of plain coloured garments that will work with my existing items and colours.  And, any existing items in colours that aren't working for me might just have a date with the dye bath. 

Do you make plans?  What are your plans? 


  1. I agree; plains are so much more practical and easy to mix and match. I only have a few prints in my wardrobe. I had my colours done when I was 19 or so (goodness me) and I'm an Autumn. I've lost my colour swatch though, I really should get another one! So useful!

  2. Your idea is great, plan color palette for next season ... however, and I know I am a hasty brainstorming, I am not able to follow any plan on sewing ... Pisses fault.

  3. What I find confusing is the different companies use different terms, so when others talk about seasons, my "deep muted" is hard to fit in!! But I think it's useful and helped me steer clear of some colours that did nothing for me...

  4. I had my colours done a few years back by Kerryn Swan up on the Sunshine Coast. The fan of colours have certainly come in handy over the years - just have to hope they don't change as quickly as my age does!!!...J


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