Saturday, October 13, 2012

I've been given an award.  My first, and it's much appreciated.  This new blog award is simply to thank the lovely people who leave a comment on your blog.  I love to receive encouraging comments, who doesn't?
So... Carolyn, Thank you for allowing me the privilege of passing this award onto others.

There are no requirements for this blog award except to pass it onto the last nine bloggers who took the time to comment on your blog...

This will be a little difficult for me as I've left my blog a little neglected of late, so I decided to make an exception to the rules and just list the last six five people I received comments from.


I was also going to list Donna but I've just noticed she already has this award.

Thank you ladies.  I really do appreciate receiving supportive comments and ideas.


  1. Oops , I left my thankyou on the wrong post - so Thankyou again !
    Lovely quilt by the way -you have chosen the colours well - quite tricky really - I have sewn one quilt - took me seven years although it was a queen sized quilt. I would love to sew more.

  2. Shelly, in case you did not see my reply to your question about tankini tops on my blog, here it is. I hope this info helps! :)
    Shelly; no my top does not ride up, because like all my handmade clothes I have custom-fit it to my own figure.
    If your tankini top rides up it is because it is too tight at the hip level. So the too-tight section wants to move to an area of lesser stretch; the narrower part of your body, the waist.
    My advice is to cut your tankini top wider at the hips next time, fit it properly to yourself so that it skims the hips rather than hugs them, and you should not have this problem again with this style.

  3. By the way, love your profile picture, warm dress and boots - just my style!


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