Friday, October 12, 2012


When I first started this blog it was my intention to post regularly about the garments and things I've made for myself, in my mind that was to be at least once a week becoming more frequent as I got into the habit of finding things to blog about.  Now, let me tell you this has not been the case.  I have been very slack lazy remiss and I need to remedy this RIGHT NOW! get back on track with blog posts, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and occasionally show you some things I've made from years ago.

In a past life I was a quilter (that was in the time before I came back to sewing clothes - a couple of years ago) and I thought,  that perhaps you might like to see a few of the quilts I've made.

Today I will show you one of my favourite quilts.  I had bought some flannel charm squares, as you do, don't you, or is that just me?  I can't be the only one who buys fabric just because... can I?  Surely not.   Anyhoo, I decided to make a very simple quilt with them.  I randomly joined the squares, added a small and a large border, then I quilted a crosshatch pattern on the squares and several straight rows around the large border.  Its so cozy and warm - it's very comforting to snuggle up under in Winter.  I just love the rich colours of the fabrics which seem to give it extra warmth.  It's well used and loved but, sadly, starting to look a bit faded but then, I guess, that just makes me love it all the more.


  1. Beautiful quilt, I love the autumnal colours :)
    Shelly I have a blog award for you, but please do not feel obliged if you are not into blog awards :D

  2. Thankyou - that was very sweet of you.

  3. I do so love your quilt. It's so Fallish! Would love to see others too. Slightly worn and slightly faded quilts are the best. There is nothing like a well loved (used) quilt favorite.

  4. This is pretty! Very "fall" = though I guess it's not fall there .... I'm hand quilting for the first time - it's only my second quilt, and enjoying it very much. It's definitely a process of delayed gratification, though! Someday I'd love to do one for one of us - so I could love it after its done. The one right now is a gift. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  5. What an amazing quilt, I absolutely adore the fabrics that you've put together, the colours work so well....


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