Thursday, September 20, 2012

Proudly Announcing...

Drum roll please...

...the arrival of my gorgeous granddaughter 'Liana'.

Isn't she gorgeous.  I think think so but then I'm biased.  She is just two days old in these photos sporting her brand new headband which her dad (my son) couldn't resist buying for her.

Nanna's first nurse
Her parents are both so proud and that's not to mention how proud her grandparents and aunties are.  She is very alert even at this stage as you can see.  Born in the wee hours of the morning she weighed in at 8lb 1oz.  My, how fast time goes by, it was 4 months ago last Friday.  And it seems only yesterday that her father was born.  She still has all that hair but it's grown much longer now.

I made a few things for Liana which were received with many "Did you make that's!" and much appreciation.  The bunting previously shown of which the photo now eludes me, a bunny rug and a couple of bibs.  I also bought her a cute pink teddy bear but didn't get a photo.

After all this fuss with Liana's arrival, David was starting his new job a couple of weeks later and having to pack up and move here to join me finally. It's been chaos since!  Things are settling down now and I can get back to sewing.  The first thing on the agenda is a dress for myself to wear to Liana's christening next month.  I have chosen a pattern, bought some fabric and just need to get started.


  1. 28congratulations . I can see a family resemblance . Everyone tells me being a grandparent is great -you get all the fun bits without the sleepless nights etc etc.

  2. Thanks Janine. It is fun being a grandparent 'coz you can give them back when they cry, although the parents say whoever's holding her gets to change the nappy hehe :)

  3. Oh, congratulations Shelly! That is absolutely wonderful news. Liana is completely darling!


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