Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby bunting

 I've finished it...

... and it's so cute!  And so small.  Having waited until the last minute hoping to find the perfect colour I couldn't wait any longer and chose white.  Now that's a very sensible colour for a newborn, but hey, I'm not that sensible and wanted something in a really bright, gender neutral colour. Think red or emerald green etc.  You'd think that Spotlight would know when the baby is due to arrive and get some fabrics in in time to make things.  But no, they weren't that considerate, they bring out the bright colours the day before due date.  Now how is anyone supposed to get anything made that fast.  Anyway I'm glad I chose the white, I really love the way it turned out.

The Pattern is McCalls 5963, view A.  The fabric I used is Minkee Dot and feels so lovely and soft.  And can I just say this, DON'T  wear black when sewing this fabric.  It sheds when it's cut!  Everywhere!  Thankfully all seams are totally enclosed in the lining. I've never sewn Minkee before and it's a little slippery.  To overcome this, I pinned - lots. The sleeve has a built in fold over mitten - a necessary thing IMO.  The lining is a white interlock with brown sheep which is kinda cute too.  The only thing missing is a label.  Mmmm... Wish I knew where I could get some.  Can anyone help me out with that?

I also wanted to make a small blanket.  I got out the fabric, chose the embroidery design and thread colours, set up the machine and yep you guessed it... the embroidery unit on the machine isn't WORKING!!!  How frustrating is that when I had it serviced last year for the same problem and haven't used it since.  Soooo, I guess I'm more than a little disappointed but I can't get it serviced in time.

In the meantime onto some bibs...


  1. Oh, this is CUTE!! You are a very generous and thoughtful granny!

  2. I am following the instructions, but I don't understand how the mitten is supposed to work, and the instructions aren't much help. Can you explain this to me?


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