Saturday, May 12, 2012

The challenge continues...

I really must finish sewing for this Grandbaby as I sooo need to get some things made for myself.  I've been trying to work on a few things but feel I'm getting nowhere fast.  So there's nothing spectacular here.  I fear you've seen it all before.  I have so many projects lined up it's going to take all Winter and beyond to get through them but I need them NOW!  Ohhh... how will find the time?

Day 9

I spent the day running errands and sewing for the baby who is now overdue.  I really must get it finished or the baby will arrive before I'm done.

Top; Simplicity 4076 details here
Skirt; Target
Belt; Target
Sandals; Target

Day 10

Top; Kwik Sew 3617 details and my review of this pattern here
Jeans; Sussan had for years and they are really looking faded and need to be replaced
Belt; Tempt

Day 11

Today's photo mini challenge was ugly places.  I certainly think this fits.  I found this in the car parking area behind where my DD works.  

But then this was directly opposite and I couldn't decide which was uglier.  You have to wonder about that sign though.  Could parking here mean that your car may be covered in graffiti when you return.  Mmm...I wonder - I don't think I'll take the risk.  Hehehe.

Top; Susanne Grae
T-shirt; Susanne Grae
Skirt; Butterick 3438 made last winter
Scarf; Sportsgirl
Tights; Bonds
Boots; missM from Faulls Shoes
Bag; Katies

Day 12

Kushka decided he wanted to be in the photo today.

Top; Kwik Sew 3338 details here
Cardigan; Target
Jeans; Susanne Grae
Shoes; Rivers

At this stage of the me-made month I'm feeling that I don't have anything to wear.  Most of my things are too dressy for my current lifestyle and probably wont be worn during this challenge.  I'll have to re-think my wardrobe needs and start sewing more suitable garments.

Is anyone else feeling that their clothing doesn't fit their lifestyle?


  1. Great outfits! Y'know, to my mind that graffiti-ed wall is rather beautiful, and I would be using it for as many photos as I could :) I guess I just have wacky tastes :D

  2. Yes, I too, am feeling out of sync with my me-made wardrobe! I think I need to sew some t-shirts. :)


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