Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Forward Planning

Over the last few days my thoughts have been largely directed towards my need to increase  productivity.  Many things have been getting in the way of my sewing lately leaving me less productive.  Not happy about that at all!  There are so many lovely patterns out there.  The more blogs I read the more patterns I find that I want to make.  My wishlist has become so large I don't think there's enough time left to make everything. 

Sooooo......I decided to make a list of things I want to sew.  (yes, I'm a list maker.  It would be even better if I was a list finisher! hehehe)  But then that started getting waaay too big!  Mmmm thinking.........I'm never going to have the time to make all the things on my whishlist.  Where to start?  I should be writing lists of what I want to make now!  For the current season!  For my wardrobe needs! 

The solution it seems is to make smaller more manageable lists.   After me-made June it became apparent where the gaps in my wardrobe were.  So keeping this in mind here is my list for the month of August.

Some possible pattern choices

1 skirt - for weekend wear

2 or 3 long sleeve t-shirt tops

1 dress - I'm joining the Rooibos sewalong but I'm planning that one for Spring wearing so maybe another dress as well

I may add to this list depending on what time allows and how much I can achieve.

I know this list is short but we are already into August.  I have not sorted out any particular patterns or fabrics to use leaving me less time to source patterns and prepare them.  I also need to choose fabrics once I have selected the patterns. 

I will have to start preparing a list for the Spring/Summer.  Ohhhh....There is so much I want to make how do I choose what I want on my list and what do I make first?  After all there are only so many things a girl can wear.

Do you make lists?  If so, how do you choose what should be on it?


  1. I'm glad to know that you enjoy my blog enough to copy the title AND my profile -- verbatim! I guess copying is the truest form of flattery.

  2. I don`t make sewing lists ( housework lists are a different matter ) - I have a large stash so just pull out some fabric and a pattern that takes my fancy - I have too many clothes already so no wardrobe holes to fill. THe patterns you have pictured all look really good though so I would find hard to know where to start as well.


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