Monday, August 1, 2011

weekend happenings...

Over the weekend I visited the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne.  The last time I visited the fair was about four years ago when I was heavily involved within the quilting comminity.  My Guild was responsible for the quilt exhibition on show at the fair and being on the committee I was required to attend.  There are  many reasons  I hadn't been for such a long time, mostly due to my waning interest in quilting, a lack of time, and the fact I thought these shows were becoming more and more orientated towards quilting rather than crafting in general, which I thought was the whole idea.  (I have now moved on from quilting) Word on the grapevine said that people were not happy because of the lack of craft other than quilting. (Phew, so it wasn't just me!)

With my renewed interest in fashion sewing and having more time on my hands I felt that I should perhaps go along and investigate whether things had changed to include more crafts again.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  Although there were a lot of quilting stalls there was a definite improvement to include other crafts.  Still not much in the way of dressmaking though.  sniff.   It seems, whomever organizes these events think there are no sewists out there.  Boy, are they wrong!  I could hardly get to the sewing books, the other craft books were easy to see but the sewing books; quite difficult.

With my only interest in finding fashion sewing related things; below is what I came home with.

Neckline motif
Flower trims
Beads for a necklace
I'm not sure what I will use these trims on but I do have a couple of ideas although that could change at any time.  I went alone as I don't know anyone else interested in sewing clothing and didn't want to spend time checking out stuff I wasn't interested in.  I had an enjoyable day spending about four hours there.

As I really don't go into Melbourne very often I thought a visit to the fabric shop was in order while there.  I must say I was disappointed as the fabrics they had were very expensive and I can't justify spending that amount of money on my clothes.  Having said that I didn't come away empty handed.

I found a digital print cotton which I'll use for a summer top.

And a knitting pattern which I think is fabulous.    I'm very attracted to this colour pink but I may use a blue/turquiose instead.  I think this will be my next knitting project as I desperately need jumpers for the winter days.

I had occassion to return to Melbourne a second day with David.  I'll leave you with a few snaps I took while there.

Docklands Precinct
 If you look hard enough you will see there is a double rainbow.
Docklands Precinct
These are of the gas fire display on Southbank outside the Casino which happens on the hour in the evenings.  They throw out a lot of heat which I could feel from the bridge where I took the first two shots.

One gas tower going full
Three at once
Under the gas display
What did you do on the weekend?


  1. A nice weekend! I agree with you about the craft and quilt fairs. The last one I went to I got some great laces and dyes, but I'm just not into "craft" anymore, and even less quilting! But it is great that you got some very nice bits and pieces there... :)

  2. I love the motifs - the neckline motif would look really stunning, maybe on a simple shift dress or top in a bright, jewel colour.


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