Friday, September 11, 2015

Ocean Wave Renfrew

Wow, the first day of September and I made a new top!  Things have been pretty quiet here on the sewing front this year.  With one thing and another life just got in the way (as it so often does) and I haven't made anything since the coat I made in May and haven't blogged about as yet.  I'm really supposed to be stitching my major piece of embroidery for the Intermediate Surface Stitchery course I'm doing and I'm so over it, but we wont go there.)  Anyways I just needed to do something else.  I wanted something quick so I pulled out my faithful Renfrew pattern.  I chose a knit fabric from my ever growing stash 'coz, like, I don't need to buy any more fabric.  (Sorry about the squinty photos, it was early and very sunny but the only chance I had to get pics.)

Enjoying the sun for a moment

I can't tell you how great this pattern is.  I've made it many times before and it works every time, however fabric choice can make a huge difference.  It's not that I don't like the fabric I chose nor the design on it but how often do you get a fabric that is not printed on grain.  That was the case with this one.  I tried to match the pattern but it was near impossible.

I got one side to match pretty well.  The sleeves, well, I don't think I could get the match (at the sleeve seams not the bands) any better with this design.  The stripes appear to be running straight across my body but oi, what about the other side. It was way out.

I don't usually take photos of the back of my garments.  Clearly I should, as I can see that I should have made a sway back adjustment that I've never noticed before.  I'm not sure if it's because the fabric is very thin and drapey or not but the fit is not as good as in my previous makes.  Also the shoulder seams want to slide off my shoulders even though I stabilised them with firm elastic.

With this fabric I thought it would look better if I didn't use the bands on the sleeves and at the bottom but in my haste and the frustration of trying to match the pattern I forgot to lengthen the body to allow for it and then it was too short. Grrr!!  So now I had no choice but to put the band on it which also meant the sleeves were going to need them as well. For balance, you know how it is. 

I cut the bands from what I had left knowing that the stripes wouldn't be straight but what I didn't think about was lining up the rise and fall of the zigzag and I got it totally wrong!  Completely opposite! Grrr again! 

In the end I'm not completely happy with this make so was it worth the effort?  Should I cut the bands off and try to get it right or just live with it the way it is?  What do you think?


  1. I think it looks great! and can't see anything wrong with the stripes and stripe matching at all. Nice! and please do show your coat here too :)

    1. Thank you. I will definitely show my coat I just haven't got any photos of it as I forgot my camera on the day I wore it and haven't had any occasion to wear it again. (Note to self - take photos and blog coat)

  2. I have only just found your blog. I think the stripes look fine and I actually like especially how the waist band looks with the stripes going the other way. In Greek we have a saying "many will see, very few will notice". It's better in Greek but you get the message.

  3. I think it looks great too and you will forget about this soon - at least that what happens with my sewing 'design features'


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