Sunday, January 11, 2015

New year, new plans

Hello everyone!
It's been 6 months since I last posted at which time I decided to take a break from all social media for a while as it seemed to be taking over my life, forever sitting in front of the computer/Ipad/phone or wherever, reading posts and not getting anything, and I mean anything done. But as with all things there comes a time when I felt I was missing the community I so love and need to return to. 

2014 was pretty unproductive on the crafting front for me. I started quite a few projects, mostly knitting projects but sadly they lay in the UFO pile waiting for my return.  In my last post I was saying that I had knitted practically a whole cardigan on the wrong size needles. Well, I pulled it all out and was almost finished, using the right size needles this time when I ran into a problem with the front/neckband and have yet to figure out how to make it work so this too resides in the UFO pile. I did however, make not one but 2 quilts for my daughter and her new son.

Anyway, moving right along... new year, new enthusiasm! I have been thinking about what I want to make and include on my blog this year.  If you didn't know, sewing is not the only craft I indulge in, it's just the one I spend the most time on and so I thought I would perhaps include some of the other things I enjoy creating as well.  Don't get me wrong here, I will still keep this blog about my sewing journey just with a little touch of the other things as well.

So, my plans for 2015...

I'm sure you all know that I love vintage and I purchase vintage patterns along with the best of them but as so often happens they just sit being adored but waiting to be loved and so my first commitment for 2015 is to join with the hosts Marie of A Stitching Odyssey and Kerry of Kestrel Makes along with many others and make my vintage pattern pledge.

During 2015, I will make at least two of my vintage patterns.

Also, I have always loved animal prints and have in the past followed along with Maria's makes for Jungle January, hosted by Anne of Petty Grievances, so I thought this year I would join in. I mean really, who doesn't need more jungle prints in their wardrobe?

Recently as I've started to read along and catch up with whats going on around the blogosphere I've noticed quite a few people have been making bras. Now that's something I've wanted to try for a while.  I already have pattern and fabric so I want to stretch my wings and delve into the world of lingerie also.

Now, call me crazy if you want, many people do, but I also want to start working on a hexagon quilt.  I'm not talking large hexagons here but tiny little ones, 5/16" to be exact.  Yeah I know! But I did say you could call me crazy.  Just remember this will be a long term project so don't expect to see any fast progress with this one.

So, I think these seem to be achievable sewing plans while leaving room to choose more as I decide what other items I want to make.  I don't want to commit to too many things as I want to enjoy my other crafts as well.

What do you think? Are these plans doable?


  1. I love the sound of your hexagon quilt. That would be a great long-term project. Delighted you're signed up for vintage pledge too :-)

  2. It's awesome to have you back on the blogging front again, dear Shelley. Your posts and comments are always bright spots in my month. I truly understand though about it can feel like social media, and by extension the whole web, is consuming your every waking hour. I run into periods like that on a fairly regular basis, too, and find that a breather is a true must when they do occur. If one plans to continue on using the web in the years and decades to come, we must pace ourselves and try not to burn out on that front (assuming we want to remain online, I mean).

    Here's to an amazing, creative, fun filled and very happy 2015 for you on all fronts!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Those plans sound eminently doable. I love the sound of the quilt, it will be absolutely amazing I'm sure! Does that mean five sixteenths of an inch, which sounds absolutely miniature! or have I got that wrong?
    Anyway I'm so glad to see you return, wishing you a happy and productive 2015. :)

  4. Love your goals for 2015, dear friend. Sometimes it is necessary to stop to catch breath and start again with renewed vigor, I am looking fowar to see your vintage sewing patterns, especially. I'll be watchful ...


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