Friday, January 3, 2014

Thoughts for the new year

Happy New Year everyone!

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Whether quietly or at a raging party, however you chose to welcome the New Year in, I hope you all enjoyed your celebrations and I wish you all a wonderful and creative year.

I must confess that in recent times I haven't been motivated to sew or in fact, for that matter do any type of crafting other than a bit of knitting (which I might add I haven't even finished, just added to my pile of UFO's).  I didn't want to blog as I felt I had nothing to blog about and wasn't even sure where I was going with it anyway, so I decided to take a break for a while to see where it lead.

During this time I've been giving some thought to what I really want to blog about.  Will I continue to keep it strictly about my sewing (which was my original plan for the blog) or will I include other things like the many types of craft I dabble in or my thirst for knowledge about the 1940's, especially the WWII era.

My decision: Both!  I will keep this mainly about sewing but I will add other snippets of things that occupy my time as well.


OK, where do I go from here?  I was reading a recent post by Tasha sharing her thoughts on having a full closet with nothing to wear in which she stated exactly how I have been feeling about my wardrobe, giving me the boost I needed to consider what I should do about it.  So to start the new year, I will be doing just that; going through my wardrobe first, to learn what I like and do not like.  What I wear, what I don't wear and why I don't wear it.  Does it work with my lifestyle?

I will look at ways of extending the items I do have by pairing them in other combinations; things I would not normally choose together, ie instead of wearing the same top with those brown trousers or that pink cardigan with my little black dress.  Next I will decide what I want but don't have to make my wardrobe work for me.  Do I need a new necklace or earrings, maybe a new pair of shoes?

I will choose patterns and fabrics and only make things which will work for me that I will wear.  No more making things that languish in my wardrobe for one reason or another.  This will be an ongoing project; one which will take a lot of consideration but will be worth it in the end.

So what are my goals for 2014?  Simple really.  Only make things I will wear and make my wardrobe work for Me!

What about you, do you have any goals for the new year?


  1. A couple of years back, as 2012 rolled into sight, I really felt (and was) like I was in that same kind of spot with my wardrobe. I had a decent number of pieces, but was missing (or really lacking in) a good many of them, so I set out that year to try and fill as many of those wardrobe gaps as possible (mainly) through thrifting and online shopping on sites like etsy and eBay. Twelve months on, many of those gaps had been filled and I'd come a long way towards having the kind of wardrobe where I rarely ever stood in the closet wondering for ages what to wear on a given day. There are still a few gaps, and others will naturally form over time, but I can tell you that 2013 was my most enjoyable year ever on the fashion front because I'd worked to fill those gaps in the previous year. I really hope you're able to do so as well in 2014 and by the time the ball drops next December 31st, you've got a wardrobe that brings you massive happiness.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jessica. I know this is going to be a big commitment but if I can carry it through I will hopefully have a very workable wardrobe.


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