Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shopping tote

Everyone needs a shopping tote, for all those 'little' fabric purchases! No?  I thought so.  I know I do.  I hate those plastic bags the shops give you.  They always seem to get little holes in them either because of sharp corners from all the items that come with packaging or from the weight of all the fabric you've purchased :)  So, I made one!

I had this furnishing fabric in my stash and thought it was good and sturdy enough for making a bag.  I paired it with a drill for the handles and gusset.  I didn't use interfacing as it had enough weight without it.

The lining used for my bag is a quilting fabric from my stash.  I tried it out today and it was perfect for carrying my goodies.

So, have you made any quick projects lately?


  1. Cute bag. I enjoy toting them around and keep telling myself I need to take the time out and make one.

  2. This bag is perfect for carrying it folded in the daily bag and use it when you buy something. You had a great idea! Love the print of the outer fabric ... no doubt, you are the most stylish girl in the store with this shopping bag! Happy week, dear Shelly!

  3. That's a great bag and the fabric is utterly perfect for a lover of fabrics and dresses! It looks like the perfect size too :)

  4. Fantastic bag! I love red and grey together. It's a combo I reach for often all the year round, but especially during the nippy winter months (sometimes with black and/or white thrown into the mix).

    ♥ Jessica


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