Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finally, some normalcy in my life

Hello everyone.  I thought I'd pop in and let you all know that I'm still here.  Even though I have nothing really to show you right now I hope to soon.  Things have been very hectic here for the last couple of months, what with selling our house in Melbourne and having to empty out the remainder of our contents along with starting a new job and getting my head around the training  and all that goes with it - whoa, my head is still spinning!  it left little time for any sewing.

However, on the weekend I did manage to get into my sewing room, though I didn't really achieve much. :(  I stitched the collar onto a blouse I had started making about two years ago that I found when clearing out the old house.  (Stashbusting?  Mmmm... not sure that it can be counted as Stashbusting, but I'm going to anyway.  Well I will when I finish it.)  I did however, make a bit of progress in cleaning up the mess that seemed to have multiplied while I wasn't looking, so feeling much better about that.

During my clean up I was putting away some patterns that were sitting on my sewing table and came across the pattern I was going to make for the Sew for Victory challenge and it left me feeling completely ripped off disappointed that I wasn't able to finish due to an injury when I remembered seeing this on Instagram.

Now I'm feeling so much better and really excited because Rochelle and Tasha have just announced they are hosting 'Fall For Cotton' - A vintage sewing challenge for the cotton lover and I AM soooo in.  Being a lover of the 1940s and especially WWII fashion, and... well... everything 1940s this sewing challenge is right up my alley perfect for me.

I had decided recently that I needed to add some shirts and blouses to my wardrobe and I already had a 1940s pattern in mind, Simplicity 4750, when they made the announcement so the choice of pattern was easy.  I'm planning on making view 3, the white one.  I just wasn't planning to make it straight away, after all it is winter here so I'm not in need of a short sleeve blouse for a while yet.  I haven't chosen my fabric yet, although I have plenty of cotton fabrics in my stash to choose from, I just can't decide if I want a plain or a print.  I'm tempted to make both but don't think I'll find the time to do two before the end of September - we'll see.  One thing is for sure tho', this time I AM going to finish. 

Is anyone else joining in the Fall for Cotton challenge?

On finishing, I will say that I haven't been completely slack.  I've managed to get in a little knitting.  It's much easier to pick up and get a few rows done in five minutes than it is to make a little space in a messy sewing room.  I'm making a vintage cardigan - not sure what year it is but I'm thinking it's 1940's.  A pattern I picked up from a secondhand bookstore.

What are you crafting at the moment?


  1. Yay! I'm sure you will get a beautiful blouse from this pattern, Rochelle's challenges are always beautiful and inspiring ... Looking foward for that .... though you speak of your messy sewing room ... I think the chaos of a sewing room is creativity, hehe. A kiss from the Canary Islands, dear friend.

  2. I just love the blouse pattern you've chosen!! Sooo elegant :)

  3. I want to make another anna dress from by hand london. I am so busy these days and that is an easy pattern to sew. Goodluck with ur challenge. I always try not to enter challenges because i never finish them.


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