Saturday, June 29, 2013

Before it's too late

I'm sure by now everyone knows that Google Reader is closing on Monday.  What! You didn't know!  How could you have missed it?  It's being talked about in all corners of the blogosphere.  Seriously, where have you been?
There are several readers to choose from but two good choices are Bloglovin and Feedly; just in case you haven't already made a decision.  My preference is for Bloglovin.  It has large images in an easy to read format, you can sort blogs into groups and even find new ones with easy search options.

It's easy to import of all your favourite blogs from Google Reader just go to Bloglovin or Feedly, click on the link and it happens in an instant.

Lastly, thank you to all my followers, it's nice to know that I'm not just putting myself out there and talking to myself.  I appreciate all your comments and encouragement and I don't want to loose any of you, so this is just a timely reminder to make sure you can continue to follow me.

However you choose to stay informed about what your favourite bloggers are up to don't forget to act now!


  1. How quickly did July 1st come around? Will catch you over 'on-the-other-side'...J

  2. Hola Shelly, precioso tocado. Me gusta tu blog, si quieres nos seguimos. Besos

  3. Of course, when I heard this news .. I ran to move all my favorite blogs to Blogloving ... you are included in them! Happy weekend, dear Lady.


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