Thursday, January 3, 2013

Past, present & future

I've been reading with much interest reviews of the past year.  Things you've made, how you've learned new techniques, the changes in your likes and dislikes and it lead me to think about my journey and where the year had taken me.

I've had many changes in 2012.  Firstly, I relocated.  I commenced a new job and lived separately from my husband for the first six months of the year.  These three things combined made my life extremely hectic, what with traveling back and forth to Melbourne and always being at work when David made the reverse trip, life just seemed to pass me by.  Where did this leave my sewing?  Practically non-existent!

Soooo... what did I actually make?

Liana's Christmas gift - not yet blogged

When I look at it like this I'm ashamed to say, a very poor effort on my part for a twelve month time frame but as they say 'life got in the way'.  Well, that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it!  

So what now?  What lies ahead for 2013?  Well, I'm not one for making new year resolutions, I never stick to them anyway - do you?  What, really, you actually stick to them...

OK, I have made one resolution.  I have challenged myself to make at least one garment per month during 2013.  Right - that's 12 items for the next year.  Now, that's do-able isn't it?  Surely I can achieve that - well we'll see, remember I'm not good at sticking to new year resolutions.  So just to make sure I give it a really good try, I've put my name in the jar with Karen over at Did You Make That hoping to shame myself into submission and get sewing/knitting again.  I'm not sure where I will start but things I would like to make this year include:

A coat
1 or 2 Vintage dresses
Knit a vintage jumper

I've found that my likes and dislikes have also changed in regard to the styles I want to make and wear.  Where I once wore mostly surf-wear I now prefer a more classic style and I feel very under dressed wearing sweats so I have decided that I will start to add some vintage styles to my wardrobe. I've also come to the realization that my love of vintage goes much deeper than just clothing.  I love all things vintage right down to the lifestyle and want to incorporate more of it into my everyday living.

What else?  Have I discovered, learned or realized anything during this time?  Yes.  I discovered learned that I need to make more time for craft in my life.  I will burn out without incorporating any 'me' time into my routine - to chill out and do something I really love.

So where will 2013 lead me?  Hopefully on a path to more sewing and knitting, delving into vintage history and more thrifting.  So watch out 2013 I'm here to stay!

Liana enjoying her first Christmas
On a final note - by far the best thing of 2012 was becoming a Nanna to Liana.


  1. Of course your best thing for 2012 is an unbeatable highlight in anyone's book!
    All the best for a terrific 2013 Shelley, and good luck with completing your challenge; you deserve some me-time!

  2. Sending your blog some love. You can pick it up on my blog.


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