Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me Made June '11 - The Final Days!

Well, June is now over.  I can't say  that I'm not glad.  Now, don't get me wrong here, I have enjoyed participating in MMJ and watching others in their achievements and struggles with this challenge but I have found this challenge very hard for several reasons. 
  • I have been a sewist sewer for a very long time, in fact too long to remember.  I have not sewn for many years and only come back to it this year.  The outcome is that I did not have many me-made things to wear to fulfil this challenge.
  • This month has found me with many unexpected commitments, (family and others) leaving precious little time for making more clothes.
  • The issue of having a photo taken of myself each day has proven to be difficult also, as firstly I don't really like having my photo taken, secondly finding a suitable location and thirdly getting someone to do it.  D has been very gracious and patient with this task.
Things I have learned through my participation in Me-Made June.
  1. My wardrobe is definitely lacking in casual tops.  
  2. Most of what I own, me-made or RTW is knit hardly any woven fabric; easy to wear, quick to make but I prefer to sew with wovens.
  3. I need to introduce more colour into my life.  It seems that all my clothes are either black, white or neutral!  So boring, especially in photo's!
  4. I am in need of plain colours (not prints) to make my wardrobe more versatile.
  5. I love a challenge and jump on board without thinking it through first.  Can I successfully complete this challenge?  Do I have enough to wear for it?  Do I have the time to sew the amount of clothes I need for the challenge?  NO!
The outcome for me, is that I need to address several wardrobe issues. I should stop buying prints and add more plains to my wardrobe.  My winter clothing is also a shortcoming for me.  I don't like winter, I feel the cold but hate layering up as then I feel like the 'Michellan Man' hehe :)  so for me this would be a better challenge during the summer months when I have an abundance of things to wear.  AND I need to add more colour!

Aside from my wardrobe issues I also realise that I really need to learn how to work the self timer on my camera and use the tripod so I don't have to rely on D or anyone else for my photoshoot.  Would I do it again?  Maybe.  Certainly not until I have acquired more me made clothes.  Have I enjoyed it?  Yes, sort of.  At first I felt a lot of pressure to meet expectations but that wore off as I realised  it didn't matter to  anyone else but me.

This is my first time joining a challenge and I want to thank Zoe of So, Zo...What do you know?  for leading this one.  It really is a fantastic idea and gets everyone wearing and appreciating what they have made.  All up I have found Me-Made June '11 to be an interesting exercise.  I learned a lot about myself and my wardrobe. 

Now onto what I wore for the final days of June.

My outfit for Day 29 - The skirt is one worn previously and made for this challenge.  It was made to replace my RTW one that was looking a bit worse for wear.

Today's outfit - Day 30.  A new top completed last week made from Kwik Sew 3617.  My review here

My heels are sinking into the ground : )  Don't you just love the camelia flower carpet?

I made a few changes.  This time I swapped the pattern and plain fabrics around.  I also shortened the sleeve and added a band in the floral fabric.

Don't you just love the finish you get with the coverstitch machine?  I do!

Two tops - One pattern - More colour!

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  1. Some nice new outfits here Shelly!
    I agree with you about taking the daily photo, a far bigger challenge than many people realise! And yes, working out your camera's self-timeris a big help ;)


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