Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing Dolly

June has been a very busy month for me and I have promised myself I would post more often than I have been.  With not much sewing time I really didn't have anything more to show so I was wondering what to write about then I thought why not introduce you to Dolly. 

Dolly has recently joined my me in my quest for better fitting clothes. She is very elegantly attired in white which is wonderful for not showing the dark colour through light fabrics as Diana my previous model did.  (Don't know what happened to Diana but she disappeared some time ago.)  Her white outfit is quite 'rough' and things do not slide around.  Actually it almost grips too well.  Dolly comes ready to work hard with a nice solid wood stand which won't tip easily and as you can see she is fully adjustable.  There is only one problem which I will share with you and that is that I am short-waisted and Dolly is not.  She is adjusted to the shortest length and this is about 3cm/1" longer than me.  Do you have the same problem?  Now that Dolly has joined me I hope she serves me well and look forward to a long and lasting relationship being creative together.

On a different note I promised I would mention Kestrel from Kestrel Finds and Makes is having a 1st Birthday Giveaway to get myself another entry.  The prize is a lovely retro '52 pattern and some gorgeous vintage buttons.  I have a real soft spot for vintage styles and would like to start making some for myself.  How do you feel about vintage styles?

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  1. Hello Dolly! (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist ...!)
    My dummy doesn't fit me perfectly either, but she is still a very useful thing to have. Yours is a beauty!
    I quite like some of the reproduction styles out now, but I think the word "vintage" has become so dreadfully over-used, I start to glaze over as soon as I see it. But having said that I still like some of the designs!
    Good luck in the pattern give-away!


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