Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That Feeling!!!

You know that feeling you get when you can't sew.  Well, I'm feeling it right now!  My sewing machine has been taken in for a service over the Easter break.  I thought it would be the best time, as we will be away over Easter and I wouldn't have been sewing anyway but the withdrawal symptoms I'm feeling are much stronger than I imagined. 

Soooo... what does one do when sewing is not on the agenda!  Well, I had a couple of errands to do on my way home and found these magazines in the bookstore.  I decided to purchase out of interest to see if there are any better choices than our Aussie ones.

We don't have much choice, here in Australia, for sewing magazines.  Plenty if you want to do patchwork or some other type of craft but not for dressmaking.  I have read Threads before and was always impressed but the other two are new to me.  I thought I would give them all a try even though they were quite costly, to see if I would want to regularly purchase or even subscribe.

So far I have just had a quick look and like the ones here in Oz there are a lot of adds, but I guess all magazines need advertisers.  The articles seem to be good.  I will know better when I've had time to read them.  Also the seasons are wrong for us here, but at least we can see what's coming up which allows for forward planning.

I will be taking them away with me and I will let you know my thoughts after I read them thoroughly.

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  1. I know the feeling. When the granddaughters were here (for 8 months) I didn’t have time to sew. I was going out of my mind. What I did was window shop on line. I cut and paste pictures of the things I wanted to make. Now I am working on that wish list. We get those same magazines here too. There are not too many to chose from.


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