Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Decisions - How will it work?

Having resolved to make my wardrobe work better for me this year and I've now evaluated what I actually have to work with, it's decision time.  If I want this to work I must consider what I like in terms of what kind of styles suit me that I like and also the types of fabrics and colours I feel comfortable wearing.

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I like styles that are easy to wear.  This doesn't mean it has to be sloppy but it does have to be comfortable.  I like fitted and semi-fitted styles; styles that skim the body without being too tight nor too loose.  I love trousers and absolutely adore vintage styles, particularly dresses.  I also like skirts and tops but I'm not so inclined to wear them.  Being short-waisted they tend to make me look out of proportion.  Dresses are much better as they give an uninterrupted line making me look taller.

What about fabrics and colour?  Well, this is something I know and am very definite about.  I don't like stiff fabrics nor bulky or shiny fabrics, to my eye they just make me look fat and I feel uncomfortable when I wear them.  I like natural fibres but I'm happy to wear fabrics blended with polyester.  What about colours...  I've previously written about the colours that suit me here.  Luckily these are the colours I like to wear, they always have been.  (I think we are all drawn to colours that suit us instinctively.)  Then we have prints versus plains?  I love prints!  Particularly geometric prints however, recently I've taken a liking to florals.   I'm drawn to prints whenever I enter a shop.   My wardrobe and fabric stash are testament to this but I need plain solid colours to make things work together better.  This is one thing I need to give priority to.

Thinking about how to make the best of this evaluation I have come up with a list of criteria I need to consider each time I want to add new garments/items to my existing wardrobe which is, in no particular order:-
  • It must be comfortable
  • More plains than prints
  • It must work with other items in my wardrobe
  • Does the style suit my figure
  • Is it 'glamourous'
  • It must fit well
So where do I start?  Do I start with something that I really need to fill a gap, or something I want?  Obviously I should start with an item I need but then I'm not necessarily rational like that.  We'll see...

During my wardrobe overhaul it became very obvious that I don't  have many dresses, in fact only a couple that I actually wear and only one that I like.  Recently I've been wanting more dresses so keeping in mind that I want to glam myself up I've decided I need to add/replace a few.  Using my criteria as a guide I've chosen a lovely vintage dress from 1948 - Simplicity 2617, to start implementing my plan.  As it's summer I will be making the short sleeve style.

Now I know I said more plains than prints, but this pretty navy and white print was already in my stash and I think it will look lovely made up as this dress.   (I promise I will make something in a plain colour next time.  Really I will.  I promise.)  Working still with my criteria, I have at least three cardigans that will work with this fabric.  I've already cut it out and hope to sew it up this weekend.

Do you have any criteria for adding garments to you wardrobe?  Or, do you add things because you like them without giving any thought to how they work with the rest of your wardrobe like I've been doing?


  1. I have very little wardrobe planning skills . I tend to just sew what fabric and patterns I have but I can see my chaotic method does not leave me with a particularly wow wardrobe. However my nature also means that until I deplete my stash I would feel guilty about acquiring too much more fabric or clothes. I look forward to seeing your vintage dress. I just love watching agatha Christie mysteries as much for the beautiful vintage clothing .

  2. Over the years I have become progressively more discerning when it comes to what does and doesn't make its way into my wardrobe. I'm able to try an item on in person, I'll own buy it if it fits me excellently (or will be able to with the tiniest bit of tailoring), and when ordering online, I try to find pieces that sound as though they'll fit wonderfully based off of the measurements listed. Having pieces that almost all fit well is such a key factor for me in creating a wardrobe I not only love, but which will see every piece in it get worn many times.

    I also look at cost (perhaps more than anything, as I'm a clothes loving vintage fashionista on a modest budget), quality, cute, how well an item will work with other pieces I already own, cost per wear, and if said item makes my heart skip a beat (as well as if it potentially fills a current gap in my wardrobe). If all those criteria are met, then I give an item the green light and bring it home with me.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That is very pretty fabric and is going to look wonderful made up in that lovely pattern! And I say, if you love prints, then go for it!

  4. I think you are right Dear we should all Check What is good on us or not and then no worries anymore about how to dress it just goes fine.
    But I even more think that sometimes little mistakes are good to make our favorites Come back and disturb a bit the attention....
    When in the case you want try some thing on you Love the style but maybe not the shape on you...
    Its good to try for the style i think !
    You first little prints patterns are sublime btw !
    Hope I havent spaced out a bit With my comment as Im slightly tired these Days.



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