Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Room to move

I've spent the most enjoyable day trying to sort out my sewing space.  The morning started when I remembered I had a pair of my daughters trousers to take up...(yep, that's right she's short like me. Funny that, don't know how that happened. lol...)  Anyway, I walked into the room but I had so much stuff everywhere I started cleaning up, sorting out and taking anything that shouldn't be in this room out instead.

Suffice to say, I had a wonderful time rediscovering fabrics I had forgotten about but then wondering what it was I had in mind when I bought others.  Still, all in all I didn't find anything that said "what the..." 

I decided the best way to store my fabric was in colour groups.  This way I can see exactly what I have, after all, you never know, the perfect fabric could be sitting right here just waiting to be chosen.  As you can see in the pics, besides having a lot of neutrals I do have a large amount of blues but not much else and besides the whites nearly everything is a print of some kind.  I think maybe I should branch out and start getting some plains in there, don't you think?  After all plains are easier to work into your wardrobe, aren't they?

My new sewing room

Newly stacked shelving

Front view of shelving

As I said in my last post, this is a small room and and this is by no means the total of all my fabric.  I have some stored in tubs in the wardrobe (oh yeah, you can't see it, it's behind me) along with my patterns.  I have plenty more patchwork as well as dressmaking fabric not to mention any stuff for the other crafts I dabble in back in Melbourne waiting to be relocated.  Then there's also the books that are so essential to my creativity.  Wow, the list goes on and on.  It's making me feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, aahhhh....but what would I do without it?  (Insanity comes to mind. lol)

So... this is still a work in progress.  If you have any suggestions for storage in this small room I would love to hear them.  In the meantime, I now have some space to get some sewing done.  Yay!!

BTW, I did get DD's trousers taken up as well.  What a great day...


  1. Wow! I'm really jealous of your sewing room, especially the natural light coming through the window ... My sewing room is a total disaster!

  2. You probably have thought of this already, but I have to say it. As someone who ruined a piece of fabric by putting over the back of a dining room chair and let it sit for three days only to discover the limited sun it received faded the fabric beyond rescue. Don't let the sun reach your fabric!

  3. Oooh, I am so jealous of that amazing room to work in! And you have a fantastic fabric collection!
    And I agree about the usefulness ofr solids, but if you love prints more, then go for it!

  4. Shelly, thank you so much for your kind comments! The leatherette was not difficult to sew, but different. There were some things that had to be handled a different way from how I would normally dp things...


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