Monday, July 18, 2011

What are you reading...

As you may or may not know, 'I love to read!'  I read on many topics and  recently in my quest to gain knowledge of how life was in the past I came across a book in my local library.  Now, this is not a book review but, I guess, a small account of some of the things I found interesting.

The book contains excerpts from the Good Housekeeping Magazine which was allowed to continue publishing despite the rationing of paper during the war years.  These were hard times.  Times that I would not like to live in but also times where we can learn to appreciate the small things.  It contained much useful information for women trying to manage the household giving ideas on meal planning with quantities to buy for two people.  How to plan for and use leftovers.  It gave recipes for dinner, soups, preserves and even some for managing without milk.  Things I think many people could put to good use today without being wasteful.  Ooops....there's the thrifty side of me showing.  hehe!
There were articles on how to launder a shirt with instructions on the ironing procedure for a conventional iron and also a rotary ironer as seen in the right hand page below.  This is something I have never heard of, have you?  It certainly seems to be an interesting concept. Right down to how you should fold the shirt.

To keep fit we should give "Dry Swimming" a try.  I felt this one was quite amusing as you actually put your face into the basin of water in step 1. Other steps are done either standing or laying on a bench.  Step 7 finishes with "Mr. Lawson's method of Dry Swimming the American Back Crawl was adopted by  Fifth Avenue beauty salon as a means of developing that good posture so sought after as an essential to beauty, poise and confidence.  Vary your strokes from day to day.  Allow five minutes for each stroke."

Now I think I might have to try this!  ; )  hehehe!

We are also given advice for our clothing choices.  'Good "Buys" for the holidays and later' asks us "Will it be practical?" "Will it last?" "Is it the best possible value for the money?"  Then goes on to describe the outfits on the two pages including the cost.  These in my opinion are very good questions to ask even in today's throw away society.  Why should we waste our hard earned money. Don't you agree?

There are many other articles in the book including short stories, question and answer, adoption, beauty tips and furnishing the home.  To me, it seems that things have not changed much; that much of the advice given in these articles is sound and still relevant today.  It's been a great insight for how harsh life was during the war years and that we perhaps should implement many of these ideas into our current lifestyles.

So, this is just one of the books I have been reading lately.  What are you currently reading?


  1. oohhh! I'll definitely have to check this out from the library! It looks like a fantastically fun read! I've never heard of a rotary iron--now I am intrigued!

  2. Shopping for two looks interesting. I'm struggling with moving from a four person to a three person household (and for a while this year will be only two)

  3. Dry swimming is an oxymoron, but it does sound like a funny book! But I agree the shopping for two would be an interesting section., although one hopes that by the time the children have left home you would have figured that all out...

  4. Sounds like a very interesting book. rotary iron? Some of the ideas I think I use already. I would see a lovely outfit and try it on, and then try to convince myself I don't need it. Its worse now that I can make my own clothes. But I also spend foolishly on other things, like all things sewing related.

    I have been very bad on the reading front. I have not read a single book in months. I suppose if you count the many craft and sewing books I use every now and then, that may count. I am happy I am off in a couple of days, reading on the beach .....oh la la.

  5. Calebs Crossing by Geraldine Brooks - An Australian author but married to an American and living there. An historical novel but highly recommended - I love all her books.


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