Thursday, June 16, 2011

MMJ - The Last Week

How time flies!  It's been a week since my last post.  Last weekend was a long weekend here in Melbourne and we went to our holiday house at the beach.  Got to catch up with our youngest daughter which was nice.  The days were cold.  We had sunny mornings but the clouds rolled in soon after lunch each day. No photos to show. Forgot the camera, remembered the computer but forgot the camera. Duh!!

Confession time!  "I failed the daily me-made challenge!" Sob.  I didn't wear any items made by me for the whole weekend.  I knew early on that I didn't have enough clothes for this challenge and have been sewing like a crazy woman trying to get a few things together to fulfil my pledge.  I have only come back to sewing in the last few months after having not done any, except patchwork, for several years so not much is made by moi.  Having said that, I haven't given up yet.  Yes, I have found gaps in my wardrobe but still I can't justify making so many clothes when it's overflowing with RTW garments.

Day 14 - Mmmmm..... It was cold and I was catching up on the housework and washing etc after the weekend.  I was wearing my black top worn previously but it was hiding under a windcheater so didn't have a photo taken 'cos ya couldn't see it!'

Day 15 - Back to work again.

It's hard to get a good photo in the late winter afternoon sun.  I wore my scarf - seen before.  Still trying to get a bit of colour in for the winter.

Day 16 - Oops!  Back to the neutrals and black again, after all there's not much else in my wardrobe.  The scarf was finished last night.  I know, I'm the queen of scarves.  The pic below shows the scarf better but a real cheesy grin from me.  I was muckin' around

No sunshine today even though it was forecast and it was later in the day so an inside photoshoot.

How is everyone else doing with the challenge?  Have you run out of me-made clothes yet?


  1. I'm finding it hard to be stylish in winter. Continually in black or grey. Love your cream scarf.

  2. Thanks for your always lovely comments! In answer to your question, my dog is a red-and-white border collie.
    And, there's no need to feel either guilty, nor obligated to sew like mad just to make clothes for this challenge. I think it's wonderful that you are colouring up your wardrobe! But I do covet that lovely scarf.


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